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Two Steps Closer to Our New Home

Yes!  We closed on the property in Wheat Ridge on June 7th! The Special Use Permit (SUP) was approved by the City of Wheat Ridge on June 19! We are on our way!

The property was purchased on our behalf by a wonderful and generous supporter.  While Wild B.I.R.D. does not own the property outright at this time, and we will be making monthly payments, we do have a legal ownership interest in the property; and therefore, our right to use the property cannot be revoked.

Approval of the SUP means that we are in compliance with all local zoning requirements and ordinances and have the legal right to have the rehabilitation center on this property. The City of Wheat Ridge has been very helpful and supportive of our efforts to locate the rehabilitation center on this property. For those of you that may be familiar with our history, the approval of the SUP, and the interest and support from the city where we want to locate is a HUGE change for us. It means we can finally settle down and concentrate on building an unparalleled bird rehabilitation facility and organization and never have to worry about moving again – ever.

Our third and final step for our quest for a permanent forever home is raise the money for  a building and site development (e.g. utilities, parking lot, storm water control and drainage).  Obviously the sooner we raise the money, the sooner we can move. Please consider making as large of a donation as you can to our capital fund today.  We have the land and the SUP approval.  Now is the time to help make a difference!  Designated capital fund donations can be sent to Wild B.I.R.D. PO Box 101133, Denver CO 80250 or online “ways to donate” tab or via www.ColoradoGives.org (previously GivingFirst.org).  Automatic monthly donations for the capital fund can also be set-up at www.ColoradoGives.org.

“Faith is the bird who feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark” Rabindranath Tagore