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Debbie Strimple

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In 1999 Debbie Strimple began to meet other people who were interested in helpi
ng wild birds. Debbie S., Laura M., Cindy E. and Shannon J. found a zoning code that would allow a wild bird rehabilitation center to exist in Denver. Debbie and Laura studied for one year with federally-licensed rehabilitators and, after successfully completing the course, obtained their own licenses.

Together they wrote articles of incorporation and bylaws, formed a Board, and opened the first wild bird rehabilitation center in the history of Denver. To date, Wild B.I.R.D. has cared for more than 12,000 orphaned, sick and injured birds.

Wild B.I.R.D. is a non-profit organization primarily funded by public donations. The organization got its seed money from customers dropping money in a bucket located in a Wild Bird Center retail store. Debbie and Laura put their jobs and lives on hold to work at the rehabilitation center without wages for the first three years. Debbie continues to share her vast knowledge by training interns and volunteers interested in the future of Colorado wildlife.


History of Wild B.I.R.D.

What we do

Since opening its doors in 2000, Wild B.I.R.D. has sheltered, rehabilitated and released more than 12,000 birds into the parks and open spaces around Denver.  Our current rate of release or transfer is 63 percent compared to a national average of 40 percent.  More than 80 species of songbirds and migratory birds are included in those treated.  Success has come through working closely with local veterinarians, the Colorado Department of Wildlife and numerous local organizations that also share our concerns.


Our Mission Statement

Wild B.I.R.D. will maintain, equip, and staff a dedicated facility, centrally located in the Front Range region of Colorado, to provide intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation and care to sick, injured, or abandoned birds with a secondary objective to educate the public on the importance of wild bird welfare and conservation.

Environmental Importance of Our Mission

Wild birds play an important part in maintaining the delicate balance of nature.  Wild birds control many forms of insects that are harmful to vegetation and humans, as well as provide an early warning system for environmental contaminants and diseases.

Wild B.I.R.D. P.O. Box 101133 Denver, CO 80250  We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

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