Wild B.I.R.D. Continues to Raise Funds for Our New Location

Due to the rezoning of the neighborhood of our Quebec Way location, Wild B.I.R.D. was forced to close in September 2014, and we cannot reopen until we raise enough funds to build our new nest.

We are actively fund-raising and encourage you to donate to our capital fund. As of March 1, 2015, we have raised $205,000 and we need to raise at least $150,000 to break ground at our new property and we plan to get a loan for the rest of the forcasted budget needed for construction costs.

Currently, there is no facility in the Denver area where you can take sick, injured, or orphaned birds. If you find a bird that needs help, please contact the Division of Wildlife of Colorado Parks & Wildlife for guidance: 303-291-7227.

You can also visit the following page on our website for contact information for other bird rehabilitation facilities in areas outside the Denver area that might be able to help you. Always call first before driving to a rehabilitation facility since they might not be able to take the bird you have found: http://www.wildbirdrehab.com/contacts.html

When you find a bird that appears to be in distress or orphaned, you can click on the following link for guidance on whether to leave the bird where it is or to rescue it. If you decide it should be rescued, this page also gives you information on the steps to take: http://www.wildbirdrehab.com/bird-q--a/how-to-rescue-a-bird.html

Please join us for our next fund-raiser at Prospect Park on May 30. However, you can donate at anytime. We need your support so we can begin building our new home: http://www.wildbirdrehab.com/donate/.

Christina Story 2013